Status: New
Category: Game engine
Severity: Unknown
Frequency: Regular
Created at: 15 April 2020

"Heal 50% HP after combat" strange behaviour

by FuraxHornyx

Encounter with a hero with the passive "Heal 50% of health of a hero after a fight".
As an Enslaver with 3 rooms, we put a lvl 3 Goblin alone in the first room, just to hit the hero in the back (the one with the passive) and apply bleeding, to try to proc the passive and get rid of it, since it only proc once per encounter.
At the end of the fight, the hero did not heal. The group of heroes keeps progressing and enters a "Fountain of Youth" room, which healed the party.

This happened 3 times, some times with additional traps / damaging event before the first combat room, sometimes after the combat and before the Fountain of Youth room. Each time, the Hero did not used the passive to heal after the fight, and so it was still available for the next combat rooms.

Is this intended ?

Ok, thanks for the clarification. Maybe the tooltip may be adjusted to clarify that behaviour ?
She won't use it until one of the heroes gets sufficiently wounded. She will save it until they cross that threshold, which may not be on the first fight.

Also, if that threshold is crossed BETWEEEN fights, she won't use it until the next fight is concluded.