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Character building

by Acreplume

Character building

We need mechanics to feel a progression in character powers. Usually it is achieved with many complex features like skill points, levels, weapons, armors, elemental weakness/resistance... Heroes can become even more specialized for example with bows or cold spells: that's what we call a bow-build or a cold-build. We'd like to replace all those with a simple generic system.

Viablow would still be a surviving game. Each game session starts at the beginning of this character building. By killing monsters (thanks to dropped power-ups?) you can upgrade your powers. You have to choose your upgrades according to the "build" you like.

This makes the hero stronger, so the monsters will gain upgrades too, when they spawn in new waves. The fun here: each monster will follow a specific "build", depending on its category (melee/ranged/...), but these monster-category builds will be unknown from you, random and unique to each game session: you have to experiment to find their current weaknesses, to know what build you need for this game session!

For example, melee monsters will have a "fire resistance/frost damage bonus" build, ranged monsters a "bomb resistance/range bonus" build... You could upgrade your frost resistance, and fire damage or bomb drop rate.

It'd be possible to save the "seed" of the random roll of these monster builds. Starting a new game with the same seed would give the same monster builds, if you want to try it again, or share it with friends.

For now the system is not designed. Many ideas are possible. We'd like to keep it minimalist to follow Viablow spirit.