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New dungeon room suggestion

by AnthonyB

Name: prison/negotiation room

Location: always before boss room

New resource: captives - small chance of getting a captive as one of the rewards after battle or buy one at the merchant (or a new tile - black market)

Up to three captives can be held. 

Each captive produces a small amount of blood or tears (selectable ) each few weeks. 

After 50 weeks each captive turns into a random monster of corresponding class, same level as a hero . Recolor of a hero to make it a unique monster would be sweet. 

New features: when heroes reach prison, it is used to negotiate terms of a boss fight. Works like spells, but uses captives as resource. Can be unique for each boss .

Ex:  Kind gesture - release all of the captives , but heavily injured. Heroes have to take them and deliver to safety, ignoring the boss fight. (That way you can avoid battle when you think you might lose it, basically +1 life) No rewards are given .

Terrify - execute all prisoners ,heroes receive huge emotional damage . 

Sacrifice - you let one captive go, all heroes have to suffer 3 stacks of bleed

Deal - you offer one of heroes to take place instead of three captives, removing one random hero from fight. 

Heroes can agree or disagree, your position is that you can execute captives at any time. 

Negotiation can be handled by a new npc - gatekeeper or warden. Or just can be a distant communication