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Upgradeable rooms

by AnthonyB

Each room can be upgraded to add a special effect to it. Upgrades are offered by engineer tile and in random events . 


Monster room: brawl room - you can place 5 monsters in the brawl room , but they choose abilities and attack randomly ; mini boss room - you can place only one monster there, but he has 3x stats ; poisonous room - each creature gets 2 stacks of poison on start of turnturn, etc .

Trap room: double trap - increase number of traps in the room; terrifying trap - also damages emotion; serrated traps - also apply bleeding etc. 

Spell room: Multicast - cast again if you disabled a hero; Identification room - all heroes targeted by a spell receive more damage for 3 turns etc .

Boss room: Bodyguard - assign a monster to help you fend off heroes; Battle ready - boss now has 100 armor hp etc.