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alariclg on Matter - 22/03/2019 11:52
Impressive, this game made you dizzy. The gameplay is really is fluid and the platform phase are...
buxofp on Matter - 22/03/2019 10:42
Hello, You're teasing video is very attractive ! I see you're not planning linux version ? It is...


by Concrete_Games


Explore a mystic and expressive world in a dynamic first person platformer. Dive in a dreamlike and abstract world where matter evolves and lives around you according to your actions.


Half an hour of titillating adventure

  • Pleasurable and mellow platforming

  • Disorienting and exotic landscapes

  • Relaxing, dynamic and disturbing soundtrack

  • No violence

  • No frustration

  • No competition

  • Just pleasure!


Game Design & Programing by
Visuals, Music & Sound by
2D & 3D Arts by
Elie Monferran
Game Design, Level Building, VFX & Programing by
Paul Vaillé