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Selene on ITEM CONCEPT: "last chance" protection system (brick) - 24/12/2018 13:43
Why not! It is a great idea. :)
Flaner on ITEM CONCEPT: "last chance" protection system (brick) - 15/12/2018 22:30
An Stasis Field! I found this idea and even it is still not hard scifi, I think it is not so...
Selene on ITEM CONCEPT: "last chance" protection system (brick) - 30/11/2018 16:40
Still thinking about that, no answer yet...


by Flaner


Mothership is a Space "Haiku", a little poem about freedom in Zero-Gravity, a Hard Science Fiction adventure to reborn mankind... 

Hello RedBricks community! We are creating our first Game and we would like to make you part of it. We are based in Toulouse (France) and the team is still under construction, so don't hesitate to contact us if you would be interested to work in this project. We hope you will like it :)





The following schema shows how this game has been designed by layers. If you propose us a modification or an improvement (a Brick), it will be much easier for us to implement it if it concerns the Story rather than the Mechanics. 


Finally, some pics from our "atmospheric" prototype just to have some fun. We borrowed all the professional assets from the Unreal free projects and we created the Level Design and all the dynamic logics (the ship is orbiting around the moon and the solar panels move accuratelly to face the distant sun in real time).