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Proprietary license
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vv221 on Delete cdn (brick) - 21/07/2019 18:27
Oups, j’ai oublié de le préciser, mais c’est bien entendu une proposition de contribution bénévole.
vv221 on Delete cdn (brick) - 20/07/2019 23:35
Coucou ! Je suis développeur Web PHP, et c’est le genre d’amélioration qui est totalement dans mon...
Subtle Games on Trying to archive several bricks at once (bug) - 06/05/2019 14:08
Yes still had the problem "Error 404" !


by OtterWays


Welcome to RedBricks' project!

Our platform is constantly evolving, and the OtterWays team will be happy to hear your opinions, ideas and suggestions for improvement!

What it is?

RedBricks is our crowdsourcing platform for videogame creation. It is based on a unique brick system. For each brick, the player can give his opinion, vote, finance or inquire about his progress. He can even propose new ones!

We want to make this platform a privileged space of exchange between the creators of games and the players, and thus to put forward a more ethical alternative that the classic production: the community creation.

For who?

For game creators : create your project on RedBricks to involve players in the development of your game! They will be able to give you their opinion, propose ideas of evolution, and support you financially. You can quickly and easily integrate players into the design of your games throughout development.

For gamers : find projects you already know, and discover more about RedBricks! Give your opinion on your favorite games, offer your own ideas to creators and to the community, and if you wish, give a financial boost to creators!


A space is dedicated to each project, in which the creators can present their game, illustrate it and update it regularly. For each project, it is possible to detail the various future features, and estimate the budget needed to achieve them: these are the next "bricks" of the building!

Each project created will then be visible on the site, and players can leave their impressions, their ideas, their advice ... Communication can be in the form of comments (on the project in general or on a "brick" in particular ), or via the site's private messaging service.

Players will have two ways to financially support a project:

  • Through brick funding, they can choose to support the functionality that is most important to them.

  • If they wish to participate in a project in general (without precise functionality), a classic "tip" system is also available.


The dominant video game creation system presently presents many difficulties: financing, working conditions, distribution method, communication between the players and the developers, etc ... In order to answer these problems, we wanted to create an alternative to classic productions by offering creators tools to facilitate the development of their project.

For OtterWays, any project, whether from a single developer or a large organization, must be able to find their community and evolve in collaboration with it.