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Subtle Games on game freeze/ warehouse problems (bug) - 13/05/2019 09:19
Can you please attach the save files where the problem is happening ?
Subtle Games on Better food management (brick) - 21/04/2019 15:07
Interesting insight, thanks! We'll think about that
Subtle Games on Seeds of Resilience - 21/04/2019 15:06
Merciless maps have huge RNG but there should be enough materials to do everything. If you find...

Seeds of Resilience

by Subtle Games

Seeds of Resilience

Build a village on a deserted island without depleting natural resources! Recreate civilization to survive natural disasters while measuring your environmental impact to avoid a tragic end.


Prepare to harsh environmental conditions! Cold winters and natural disasters will challenge your resilience.

Recreate civilization

Start with a stone axe and shelters made out of branches, to finally achieve the construction of elaborate buildings like a forge or a windmill.


Try different strategies and observe your impact on the environment. Nothing is good or bad, there are only consequences!


The game developpers have studied and tried by themselves many ancient craft and construction techniques in order to gather consistent data. Read our Survival Guides to learn more.


Enjoy the game at your own pace and take your time to optimize every aspect of your development.

Take care of your villagers

The amount of actions a villager can make each turn directly depends on their health condition.