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HTR: - Place a building and finish the construction. - Do as if you would place another building...

Same bonus/malus appear 2 times
by Subtle Games
22 May 2019 - Request for information

In selected villager panel. EDIT: CAN'T REPRODUCE ! Need HTR

Keys shown are incorrect

Missions button text not translated on titlescreen

Tuto lvl2 says
by Subtle Games
14 May 2019 - Done

During the first steps of the tuto, about transparency, I think the description of the goal should...

Equipped item disappear on villager death

game freeze/ warehouse problems
by crash/bug
7 May 2019 - Request for information

All was going fine until I saved my game for another day then my game kept freezing up and when I...

Il me semble que le tableau d'évolution des plantes est buggé ou alors je n'ai rien compris. Par...

[0.15.5] In the red circle, there was some clay at the same level than the ocean (like in the...

when mouse hover on crabs and frogs, the bottom label says (as usual) "right-click for more...

Bamboo shoot has no icon on details panel

Should also catch small ones.

need fix fish spawn, they swimming in the mud :D happens when we build land around shore

Skill progress bars on character sheet can be edited with the mouse!

Greyed icon in character sheet is a little out of frame on the corners. This is due to the use of...

border highlight resources to use, still barely visible

no fire or tools
by crash/bug
27 April 2019 - On review

I was fed up with my other game so I tried another one it was a custom the no. is 2507229918 the...

no fish raft in the beginning
by crash/bug
26 April 2019 - On review

seed217443382 In a lot of games I've started they started off with a mine instead of a fish raft I...

no fish raft in the beginning
by crash/bug
26 April 2019 - On review

seed217443382 In a lot of games I've started they started off with a mine instead of a fish raft I...

When I try to place a building, some tiles are red colored because not free:...

I don't know if the following bugs are linked to the previously listed one, but after I pickaxed...

No snow on reloading
by Subtle Games
25 April 2019 - Done

yesterday I've saved and quit while the winter, the island was covered by snow. Today, after...

Empty log on reload
by Subtle Games
25 April 2019 - New

Empty journal on reload

Today, I'm here to point a bug with the label of requierment in craft This label is not updated...

weaving the thread
by crash/bug
16 April 2019 - Done

I can weave it alright ,can make the cloth but thats it is another recipe going to come out to use...

zero flour
by crash/bug
11 April 2019 - Done

I made the flour mill and started produce the flour but it kept repeating no flour made and do you...

Error in journal window line 90 when no newcomers (?)

Not enough yellow fish on procedural map to level up fishing skill

See screenshot for details

maybe balance spawn rate of bush, they too many, i've got 200 berries from them

Technically, the TerrainRenderer is not updated on the tiles "behind" (NE and NW) the cell where...

Item not going in warehouse
by Subtle Games
5 April 2019 - Declined

A blackberry item is staying on the ground but there's lot of empty space in the warehouse. There's...

On loading game, display the same warning as when you quit game: "Unsaved changes will be lost"

Should be allowed at least when water is not too deep ?

Error performing next turn events
by Subtle Games
2 April 2019 - Request for information

1. Have a warehouse 2. Build a new one 3. Recycle the old one 4a. Expected : items moving to the...

Nothing happen, time consumed, no flour produced

Sometimes procedural generation makes river too short to build sawmill and grain mill

Shields shown over a building when it is damaged are barely visible. Should add background (bar?)...

When a warehouse is built and there are items on the ground, they fly to be stored in it and the...

Items disappearing with warehouse destroyed

are we supposed only can make 3 warehouse max? only hurricane afterthat no storm, so no more boxes...

Buggy Quarry
by Subtle Games
1 April 2019 - Done

See image ----------------

Building info show materials not used in construction (ex: forge)

In 0.13.4, every time the settings window opens, the "Fullscreen" checkbox gets turned back on.

Name not localized Crates missing

Lorsqu'on extrait à la pioche un minéral de malachite, le minerai va se stocker systématiquement...

(0.14) Problem with hooks
by Subtle Games
22 March 2019 - On review

Au même reload que le précédent bug, je me suis retrouvé avec des hameçons fantômes dans mon...

Au passage, au reload la map est toujours centrée sur le coin supérieur alors qu'il serait plus...

(0.14) floating shells
by Subtle Games
22 March 2019 - On review

A la recherge d'une partie, je me suis retrouvé avec des coquillages flottants ... ils ne...

C'est coule de pouvoir enfin moduler le son du jeu ... par contre la sauvegarde ne le sauvegarde...

Les objets "à construire" n'ont plus d'icône. Par contre, le click du carré blanc renvoie bien à...

Plus rien ne s'affiche dans le journal d'événements : ni les tempêtes, ni les montées en compétence...

Lorsqu'on construit, les matériaux nécessaires ne disparaissent pas à l'achèvement du chantier. En...

They dont become transparent, but every other trees, plants, items etc work correctly

Empty journal at the beginning of the game. It should at least show the arriving of the first...

Empty raft when starting new survival game

I built a shelter for 3 people, then a firecamp right next to it and I can't select the firecamp

If u craft 2 axes (prolly any other stuff like it) in a row 1 by 1, then u got only 1 in...

Even for alive trees (it's because it's composed of several sprites, only one is shown)

Crash when entering on Winter
by Tavrox
28 January 2019 - Done

Don't know why.

The resolution setting is not saved? (I often play in window mode, it is inconvenient that...

- Pour le 2ème bug pour faire simple sur la 3ème île on doit récolter des branches exactement 5. Le...

Au moment de la deuxième île pendant la récolte des poissons si on récolte 1 poisson comme sur...

This seems completely random!!!

when performing an action while worker selection screen is open, tool durability and worker action...

The settings window has keyboard mappings for "Quick-Save" and "Quick-Load". The "Quick-Save"...

I tried to erase a save coming from an older version of the game

missing text
by johann_goblinz
7 January 2019 - Done

missing a text

Two very close storm indicators

Fake finished buildings
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Done

I think they appear when you try to place a building and some of the requirements are not...

Pink alerts
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Done

Pink alerts

Storms taking too long
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Done

There's an error during the storm that prevents it from completing normally, therefore it takes too...

Tornados dont move
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Done

Tornados dont move

There seem to always be an error after turn 16 night, in PlantUtil:176

Everything works on dev side, waiting for player tests to mark these bugs as resolved.

Probably the building rotation is not saved, then it rotates back to its original position when...

5 strings required, where fishing hut requires only 4. Floating bridges require too many strings...

Error in
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Done

Error in "PlantUtil" when executing new turn events

Avast see game as dangerous when clicking on wiki
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Request for information

Avast seeing the game as dangerous when clicking on wiki link EDIT: Can't reproduce here! If it...

Ctrl + mouse wheel zooms AND changes the selected villager It should not change the selected...

The firecamp isn't distroyed by tornado when it go just in it, it must be destroyed Mathieu David

Have at least an existing save Open save menu Click on the cross to delete the existing...

Happens on tutorial (level 3) with shelter for 2 people

Old skills reappearing
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Done

SkillOld_Miner SkillOld_Woodcutter

Prevent selected character changing when zooming

LOGEMENT : on peut enfin déloger des villageois : c'est top ! yum Par contre, y'a un ptit défaut...

Winter is not coming
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - Request for information

No ice, no snow, but nature is in pause as a normal winter EDIT: Can't reproduce

Maybe caused by terrain colliders not covering all the terrain sprite

After 10 villagers, rafts keep arriving with no villager on it

When newcomers arrive but all the previous villagers die in the same night, the game is over

1 - Zucchinis never die. They constantly produce fruits. 2 - Zucchini plants not dying in winter...

Problem with cut granite
by Subtle Games
11 December 2018 - On review

Il y a un bug dans la fabrication de la meule à graine manuelle/Granit taillé. En cliquant sur...

The three cob houses have missing translations for both title and description

Platform : Mac. The game zooms and unzooms correctly but the objective is not validated

Rationing cursor position not restored after loading save file