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by Acreplume


A minimalist Diablo-like :)


At first it was only an exercise to discover any WebGL game engine. The game was fun. So we continued to work on it.

For now it's only a "survival mode". If you like it, we'd like to add minimalist elements of character building, still in survival mode : each game session would be unique, monsters would have hidden strengths and weaknesses. You'd have to experiment to find the right build for your character in that game session.

Many ideas are possible next, even in the same minimalist concept.

How to play : 

In game tuto
In game help

Play Viablow right now, in your web browser => :)


Current stage : beta

Mainly used software : BabylonJS, SublimeText, Inkscape

  • Coding, visuals : Christophe Illy

  • Coding trainee : Timothée Neitthoffer

  • Music (Creative commons sa+by) : Tony Ferreira (jamendo)

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